Market Research

There are literally hundreds of health plans in the US, thousands of providers and employer-groups, and complex state-by-state regulatory and policy considerations for startups to digest and consider for their go-to-market strategy. Catalyst’s team of researchers and consultants can help clarify where to start and how.

Our team has provided market research to assist out-of-country startups to understand and plan for entry into the US healthcare market. We have helped numerous startups and innovative provider organizations to better understand the competitive landscape and prioritize plans for growth. We research state and national policy initiatives to help guide product development, operations development, and business development.

The complexities of the healthcare market in the US are especially complex in Medicaid, and in behavioral health management. Each state Medicaid program is unique, and must be understood before entering a given market. And who is responsible for paying for behavioral health services? Is it an integrated MCO, a carve-out managed behavioral health organization (MBHO), a local Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PHIP), a provider-led management entity, a tribal entity, an EAP, a self-funded employer group, or some combination of the above?

Catalyst’s experience in both the commercial and public sectors of healthcare helps us to deliver relevant market research that helps our clients to make meaningful market decisions.