Business Development

You have an idea that you’d like to pitch to payers, employers, or providers, but you don’t know where to start, because healthcare is complicated. And how behavioral health services are managed, paid for, and delivered is even more complicated and tough to figure out than general healthcare.  That’s where our team of experts can help.

How can we help with business development?

Catalyst’s consulting team is comprised of former managed care and provider executives with thick rolodexes and deep knowledge of how to get things done in the payer world.   And we know the idiosyncrasies of the commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare markets.  So we know how to get your idea in front of potential payer and provider customers, and we’ll help you pitch that idea to your potential customers.

Why invest in an in-house business development and sales team when you can outsource “warm calls” to us.  And if you’re a startup in which the founder/CEO is the primary sales person, we can support and guide you.